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Veteran’s Memorial To Get Face Lift, Stay In Same Place

By J.W. Campbell, Reporter

Opting for a more conservative and presumably less expensive approach to upgrading the Veteran’s Memorial in Tri-Township Park, the park commissioners instructed a special committee on the matter to focus on renovating the memorial in its current location, just east of baseball Field 4 in the park.

Tim Greenfield represented the 10-person memorial committee at the Wednesday, March 13 park board meeting. He presented the board with a plan that would have relocated the veteran’s memorial to a north-central portion of the park just off Riggin Road. The proposal called for a new memorial which would have been called the Tri-Township Park Field of Honor and Service and would have paid homage to the five branches of military service as well as to first responders.

As presented to the board, the redesign and relocation of the memorial would have cost $473,000 and would have required the transposition of Baseball Field 7 and the parks’ four T-ball diamonds.

The park commissioners had several concerns about the plan, which they ultimate rejected in favor of one that called for the upgrade of the current memorial in its present spot. Among the concerns was the cost of the project.

While there was a possibility that TIF funds could be used for the project, Park Board President Dave Nonn said he was hesitant to approve a plan that still lacked a financial commitment from the City of Troy.

Other commissioners questioned the estimated cost for the relocation project. They also wondered about whether or not Field 7 would fit in the space tabbed for its relocation.

James Newcombe, the head of the park board’s athletic committee, thought the cost of recreating Field 7, backstop and fences included, would be greater than what the special committee was estimating.

“I love the memorial, but it is used for a limited time each year,” Commissioner George Vogt said. “I think fixing the one we have may be our best option.”

“I like it where it is,” Commissioner Bud Adelhardt said. “I think we should re-do it where it is.”

“Leave it where it is,” Commissioner Kevin Woodring offered.

In the end, the park board asked the memorial committee to focus on repairing and upgrading the current veteran’s memorial in its present location. The commissioners also directed the committee to go forward with creating a 501C3 foundation that could raise money for the park district with the not-for-profit organization focusing on funding the renovation of the Veteran’s Memorial as its first task.

The question of what to do with the Veteran’s Memorial, which is falling into disrepair, has been a topic of discussion for more than a year at the park board meetings and led to the forming of the special committee several months ago.

Greenfield said he wanted to present their relocation plan to the commissioners and get their approval for it, before going any further with their work.

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