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Spash Pad Poll Shows Strong Support

By Steve Rensberry, Editor

This past week the Times-Tribune posted a poll on its website,  asking the question: “Do you favor bringing a Splash Pad Park to Troy? With more or less simultaneous proposals before both the Troy City Council and the Tri-Township Park Board, plus being a general topic of conversation around town, we thought it would be a good poll to post. Mayor Al Adomite has taken a lead in advocating for the project, which he has said will not cost taxpayers anything, and involve only minimal upkeep.

Though it was not a strict scientific poll, it was informative to see almost overwhelming support for the idea. Altogether 676 people responded. As of Monday, May 6, the poll showed 92 percent as either supporting or strongly favoring the idea. Here are the totals:

• Strongly favor: 61 percent, 409 votes

• Yes: 31 percent, 201 votes

• Oppose: 4 percent, 28 votes

• Have concerns: 3 percent, 20 votes

• No opinion: 1 percent, 9 votes

Thank you to everyone who visited our website to take the poll!

As much as Troy has grown over the years, reflected in the growth of the Triad School District, I can’t help but think that such a park for children and their parents would be a welcomed addition to the community. Both last year and this year, Triad reported increases in kindergarten enrollment, and at some other elementary school levels, which to me spells a need for things to do of a family nature, like a Splash Pad Park! If Adomite and others advocating for the project can indeed get it built without raising taxes, the proposal is definitely a winner.

Knowing those who currently serve on the city council and park district board, my bet is that they’ll give it some decent consideration, which I think is all that anybody can ask for.

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