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Tonn Awarded 2019 Andrew Range Triad Scholarship

Zach Tonn, center, has been awarded the 2019 Andrew Range Triad Scholarship.

Times-Tribune Staff Report

On Thursday, May 16, Zach Tonn was awarded the 2019 Andrew Range Triad Scholarship.

Tonn will be attending Harper College next fall.

The Andrew Range Scholarship was established to honor and celebrate the life of this remarkable young man and to pay forward his positive influence.

It is to recognize and reward the qualities and traits Andrew embodied and to lighten financial educational burden by providing educational scholarship fund(s) to be granted to a baseball player (“Andrew’s Rangers”) from Triad High School.

To be a Ranger, someone needs to exemplify compassion, empathy, resilience, and an outlook on life that is infectious. They need to have unwavering dedication to their friends, family, studies, and sports. They need to be able to accept whatever cards are dealt to them and go forward without fear, making sure to bring others with them.

A Ranger also has to have a sense of humor that stretches through all types, including the ability to laugh at themselves. They need to be able to look at life as something worth living to the fullest and make every moment count.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Triad Varsity baseball team sported new jerseys this year.  Andrew’s foundation purchased jersey’s for the Triad baseball team — digital red camo. The shirts had Andrew’s #18 on one sleeve and his logo on the other.

For more information about the Andrew Range Foundation, visit:

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