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Smiles Needed: Anderson Auxiliary Seeks Volunteers

By Charles Feldman, Reporter

The Anderson Hospital Auxiliary is looking for some friendly faces for its volunteer program.

“We usually have about two hundred volunteers,” said Rene Massey, director of volunteers at the facility, “and we’re just a little bit down through people moving or illness or summertime when people are on vacation or have something else to do.

“We have a number of openings,” she said. “Some require mobility and some do not, like sitting at an information desk just directing people to where they’re needing to go.

“People think that volunteering at a hospital is running around,” she said, “getting flowers and that’s not all we need. We have a number of slots where they could be in a wheelchair or a walker. They don’t have to push wheelchairs.”

Working in the gift shop is a place where the auxiliary can use some folks, Massey said. Escorting people from registration in the cardiopulmonary area is another.

“We have shuttle drivers and patient services – that’s what people think about when they think about volunteering at the hospital,” Massey said. “Running around, escorting people to the cars when they check out We also have a service where we install CareLink alert systems into patients’ homes.”

Volunteers have to be over 21, English-speaking and “just friendly and pleasant,” she said.

“Most shifts are four-hour shifts once a week,” Massey said. “What we ask for is one shift once a week. There is no maximum age for a volunteer as long as they just get here. We have every age. We have people in their nineties, lots of people in their eighties.”

“They fill out an application usually,” she continued. “They can’t be submitted online so they’ll be coming to the hospital anyway. I set up an interview time. I let them know what’s involved. I set them up with a trainer for their positions. And they get 200 friends at the same timer,” she added referring to the other volunteers. “Also, people do it for the social interaction.”

Applications are available online at or at any hospital entrance and must be submitted in person.

For more information or to set up an interview contact Director of Volunteers Rene’ Massey at (573) 808-2966 or

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