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Aldermen OK $47,215 In Change Orders For Water System Upgrades, Line Work

By Steve Rensberry, Reporter

Aldermen on the Troy City Council gave their unanimous support at their July 1 meeting to several change orders pertaining to the city’s upgraded water plant, in particular the distribution lines.

Some discussion took place during a Public Works Committee meeting that was held Monday prior to the regular council meeting and before a public hearing on the appropriations ordinance.

The change orders totaled $47,215, with the largest portion ($36,000), going toward three tie-ins needed to bypass the property on which the old above-ground water storage tank on Route 162 now sits.

The tank is due to be demolished and removed, and the small piece of property on which it rests may potentially be sold. Altogether three tie-ins will be required, City Public Works Director Rob Hancock said, as proposed by project engineers.  All three represent major transmission lines into the city. The line that feeds the tank is 15-inches in diameter. The three transmission lines are 10-inches, 12-inches, and 16-inches in diameter, respectively.

The process used to install the three tie-ins will be done in such a way that water service to Troy residents will not be disrupted.

The city originally borrowed $10 million for the system upgrades, of which roughly several hundred thousand dollars remains, council members were told.

Hancock said change orders since the project total about 3 percent for the water plant and tanks, and 11 percent for the distribution lines.

The city is seeking bids on removal of the tank, which contains led paint, as well as on demolition of the pump house next to it. A small generator used at the site will be re-purposed, Hancock said. Engineering work for the budding process is expected to run about $34,000, while the demolition itself could run between $100,000-$150,000.

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