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Organizing Events Takes More Than Luck

What makes an event work and doesn’t work can be a hard question to answer. I say that from having witnessed more than just a few event organizers and municipal officials scratching their heads after attendance fails to meet expectations, or things don’t go as planned. Some of it is just the luck of the draw, I suppose, depending on what else is happening at the time. Then there’s the weather. Either way, it’s no easy task.

As it were, organizers in charge of this year’s local fireworks display made good once again, with another great celebration. Assistance from local police and fire departments — directing traffic, helping people, and just being there for assistance if needed, is definitely a plus. Even getting out of the park after it was all over seemed faster this year. Thank you, volunteers and organizers, for a great show!

One other event that took place this weekend that deserves special attention is the Military Appreciation Day organized by St. Jacob Township Park Board members, and the Bushur family in particular. With humidity through the roof and a relatively short period of time to put it all together, it could have been a flop. But the timing was right, and — according to Suzy Bushur, turned out be a huge success, with an estimated 1,500 people who came by — more than the entire population of the town itself. They had almost 500 registered runners.

“Thank you to everyone who helped make this day a huge success,” Bushur said. “Everyone loved the homes decorated along the 5K route and cheering groups for the runners/walkers!” Participants included Chloe Smith, who sang a song she wrote for her father, Bradley R. Smith; the singing of the national anthem by Samantha Rehg to open the race, and by Elizabeth Lakamp at the start of the day;  presentation of the colors by the Vietnam Veterans of Clinton County; and the dedication of a flower arrangement to the Traveling Fallen Hero’s Wall by the Metro East Combat Association, along with several military service groups.

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