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24 Years In, Local Mud Mountain 5K Staying Strong To Raise Funds For Sports Teams

By Anthony Jones, Reporter

The 24 annual Mud Mountain 5K saw lots of participants. The two hundred forty eight runners who finished competed on the SIUE Cougar’s and Edwardsville Tiger’s cross country course. The event was held to help raise funds for the Edwardsville Cross Country and Track and Booster Club for the 2019-2020 seasons. This will help fund both boys and girls teams as well as middle school teams.

Runners from all across Illinois raced to the finish and even ran alongside competitors from Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, and Texas. Andrew O’Keefe, this years IHSA 1600 meter champion in Class 2A, was the champion of the day. He was closely followed by Harrison Thomas of Carbondale and Ronald Prenzler of Edwardsville.

Julianna Determan of Edwardsville was the top finisher among the female participants. Abby Korak of Edwardsville and Maddie Keller of Troy rounded out the women’s top three. There was also a 1 mile Fun Run and a Clydesdale 5K which were won by Kathryn Range of Edwardsville and Chris Dykstra of Glen Carbon, respectively.

Listed below are the top 35 overall finishers and their times. Full results can be found at

Results for the top 35 runners were as follows:

1 Andrew O’Keefe (Granite City, IL) 16:00.36 M

2 Harrison Thomas (Carbondale, IL) 16:08.94 M

3 Roland Prenzler (Edwardsville, IL) 16:15.57 M

4 Jack Pifer (Edwardsville, IL)  16:32.61 M

5 Daniel Mazar (Glen Carbon, IL)  16:46.22 M

6 Dane Shaw (Austin, TX)  16:47.18 M

7 Zach Walters (Edwardsville, IL)  16:49.86 M

8 Patrick Hetlage (Des Peres, MO)  16:56.84 M

9 Will O’Keefe (Granite City, IL)  16:58.19 M

10 Cassius Havis (Alton, IL) 17:05.61 M

11 Maxwell Crowninshield (Mount Prospect, IL)  17:13.74 M

12 Jeremiah Perry (Granite City, IL)  17:21.90 M

13 Justin Wieduwilt (Collinsville, IL)  17:23.46

14 Jon Yoch (Glen Carbon, IL)  17:45.47 M

15 Grant Seniker (Brighton, IL)  17:46.16 M

16 Austin Haynes (Ridgedale, MO)  17:50.06 M

17 Dylan Deardurff (Joliet, IL)  17:57.72 M

18 Ben Richter (Troy, IL)  17:58.97 M

19 Joseph Shannon (Edwardsville, IL)  18:00.47 M

20 Ryan Luitjohan (Edwardsville, IL)  18:05.36 M

21 Mathew Shearer (Glen Carbon, IL)  18:05.50 M

22 Geordan Patrylak (Glen Carbon, IL)  18:05.90 M

23 Ryan Gunter (Bethalto, IL)  18:06.86 M

24 Ben Walter (Troy, IL)  18:09.26 M

25 Jarod Willis (Troy, IL)  18:12.99 M

26 Julianna Determan (Edwardsville, IL)  18:15.34 F

27 Kurt Brase (Edwardsville, IL) 18:20.40 M

28 Todd Baxter (Edwardsville, IL)  18:21.64 M

29 Tyler Manion (Granite City, IL)  18:26.27 M

30 Drew Stover (Edwardsville, IL)  18:34.86 M

31 Drake Bleier (Edwardsville, IL)  18:36.10 M

32 Jake Peal (Bethalto, IL)  18:38.73 M

33 Brenden Springman (East Alton, IL)  18:41.00 M

34 Abby Korak (Edwardsville,IL)  18:42.11 F

35 Maddie Keller (Troy, IL)  18:44.23 F

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