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MERBL Playoffs Closing In On Championship Series

A player on Belleville 2 takes a swing during a game on July 29 against Maryville 2. The game was cut short due to rain, with a continuation expected later in the week. Photo by S. Rensberry

By Anthony Jones, Reporter

The final 8 teams are all that remain in the MERBL playoffs after the first two rounds of playoff games. Teams still battling in the American League are Collinsville 5, Dupo 1, Maryville 3, and East St. Louis 1.

Their counterparts in the National League are Maryville 2, Belleville 2, Collinsville 6, and Collinsville 2.

The trio of Troy 3, Troy 4, and Edwardsville 2 all managed to win first round games before falling in the second round.

There have been three upsets on the diamond so far which were completed by Troy 3, Troy 4, and Dupo 1.

Games were set for the 29 but had to be moved to the 31 due to rain, with the early games being a continuation of the games that did start on the 29.

Those games will be Collinsville 6 vs. Collinsville 2, Maryville 2 vs. Belleville 2, East St. Louis 1 vs. Maryville 3, and Collinsville 5 vs. Dupo 1.

The victorious teams will play the remaining team in their league and the winners of those matchups will face each other in a best of 3 championship series.

The final scores of games played so far in the playoffs and regular season records of the remaining teams are as follows.

7/24 Games    

  E(2) -9      D(2) -7

  T(4) -8      C(4) -4

  T(3) -10    T(5) -3

7/27 Games            

  C(5) -13    T (3)-1

  D(1)-7      C(1) – 4    

  ESL (1)- 5  M(1) – 1

  C(6)-19     E (2) -4     

  C(2)-11     T(2)-2

NL Team Regular Season Records

M(2)  9-1

C( 6)  9-1-1

C(2)  8-3-1

B(2)  5-7-1

AL Team Regular Season Records

C(5)     9-3

ESL(1) 6-6

D(1)     5-5-1

M(3)     5-7

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