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MERBL Championship Series Games Played In Troy

By Anthony Jones, Reporter

On Monday night, the first two games of the best of three MERBL World Series were played at the Tri-Township Park. The teams competing for the league crown were East St. Louis 1 and Collinsville 6.

East St. Louis was the National League representative while Collinsville represented the American League.

Collinsville 6 was coached by Bill Brady and touted a 9-1-1 regular season record as well as the number two seed in their league.

After receiving a first round bye in the playoffs, they soundly defeated Edwardsville 2.

Their next game they defeated Collinsville 2 in a closely contested 7-7 game. Most recently, the team avenged their lone loss of the year and eliminated Maryville 2 by a score of 9-3 to win the American League Championship.

East St. Louis came into the National League playoffs as the number three seed but have seen proven their case as the league’s number one squad.

The unit, which is coached by Josh Conley, earned a first round bye due to their 6-6 regular season record.

Their first playoff game was against Maryville 1, who they outmatched to win 5-1. Maryville 3 forfeited their game against East St. Louis which put them into the league championship.

They met their opponents, Dupo 1, at Troy’s Tri-Township Park and after the dust settled, they emerged victorious by a score of 4-3.

In the first game, Collinsville flexed their muscles early on. Through the first few innings they took a solid 6-2 lead.

They finished off the game even stronger to close out the game 10-2.

East St.Louis opened the second game with a vengeance as they took a 2-0 lead through the first inning.

Collinsville responded with a run in of their own in the top of the second, but their opponents outdid them by adding two more on to lead 4-1.

Brady’s squad rallied to drive in two more runs in the third to close the deficit to one run. In the fifth frame, Collinsville first tied the game and then took a 5-4 lead. East St. Louis was then stifled on offense to end the inning.

After the top of the 6 inning ended, the Collinsville squad possessed a 7-4 lead. East St. Louis then returned to the plate in a do or die situation.

Despite their best efforts, Conley’s team could not muster any more runs and they lost by a final score of 7-4, which meant their opponent had clinched the championship series victory.

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