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Collinsville Approves Beekeeping Within City

By Stephanie Malench, Reporter

The Collinsville City Council approved changes to the city’s zoning code enabling beekeeping within the Collinsville City limits during its August 26 regular meeting.

The city started its text amendment review process this summer after it had been brought to staff’s attention that multiple property owners were actively keeping bee hives “as a hobby, to benefit local gardens, or to generate honey.

Only honey or mason bees will be allowed and must be housed in the back yard within the same setback as other accessory buildings.

The City decided it was a good idea to change the code instead of citing the beekeepers because bees are critical to the local ecosystem and are already living at Willoughby Farms as part of their educational programming.

Licenses are $50 for 3 years.

The ordinance passed unanimously. For more information contact the St. Clair County Beekeepers Association.

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