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Triad Knights Down Kahoks By 31 Points

By Anthony Jones, Reporter



The Collinsville Kahoks dropped to 0-2 last Friday as they fell to the now 2-0 Triad Knights. The Kahoks are now three loses from playoff elimination, while the Knights need three more wins to be playoff eligible and any more than three will guarantee them a playoff spot.

The game kicked off with a methodical drive by the Knights offense. It lasted over 6 minutes and ended with a two yard touchdown rush by quarterback Logan Wongler. The Knights lined up to kick an extra point but they rolled out on the snap to rush to the end zone but were tackled short.

The Kahoks responded with a score of their own just a few minutes later on a forty yard rush by Jake Holten. Collinsville’s squad took their first lead of the season following a successful extra point kick. Ultimately, it would prove to be their last lead of the night.

Triad wasted no time reclaiming the lead. After starting with the ball in great field position, Logan Wongler rushes for a 49 yard touchdown. The group made up for their previous missed extra point by throwing a two point conversion to Luke Foreman.

Following a touchback by Triad’s Travis Speer, Collinsville started at their own 20 yard line. Despite their best efforts, they were stopped by the Knight’s defense and forced to be the first team to punt all game. Triad received the ball at the 50 yard line looking to score again as the first quarter ended.

Triad’s offense drove the ball down to Collinsville’s 23 yard line, but their opponents forced a fumble in a big moment to get the ball back. Collinsville’s offense was unable to seize the opportunity and then punted the ball back to the Knights. A 65 yard rushing touchdown gave the Knights a 20-7 lead and Wongler his 3rd touchdown of the night. Travis Speer added on his first extra point of the game.

The Kahoks started their last drive of the half at their own 20 yard line. Their offense was moving the ball again before an Anthony LaRue interception gave Triad possession of the football again. His impact play was the last major moment before the teams went into their locker rooms for half time.

Travis Speer started the second half for Triad by kickoff to Collinsville, who had a great return to bring the ball out to the fifty yard line. The Knights defense stepped up and got the ball back for their offensive counterparts by recovering a Kahok fumble at the 34 yard line. Collinsville’s defense made up for the error forcing Triad to punt the ball, which gave the Kahoks the ball at their own 8 yard line.

The Kahoks found themselves with a fourth and two shortly after, which they decided to go for. Unfortunately for them,the Knights stepped up and stopped them short of the first down marker. This gave the Knights the ball at the Kahok 12 yard line. Shortly after that, Wongler dropped back for a pass and threw a jump ball to Anthony LaRue for a touchdown. Speer tacked on an extra point to put the Kahoks down 28-7.

On the following kickoff, Collinsville appeared to have a good return started but Foreman made a big play to tackle him at the Kahok 17 yard line. After that, the Knights defense made another great stand to cause another Collinsville turnover on downs. Triad drove quickly down the short field and Wongler finished the drive on a three yard rush. This gave him his fifth touchdown of the night. A successful point after attempt followed.

Speer had yet another kickoff that ended with the ball at the Kahok 20 yard line. Collinsville had another drive cut off as Nolen McGowen intercepted a Kahok pass. Despite starting deep in Kahok territory, the Knights offense could not score. Speer was called in to attempt a 39 field goal, which he made. This put Triad up by a score of 38-7.

After the field goal, Triad kicked off for the final time of the night. Neither team could produce much on offense for the rest of the game, so there were three punts to finish out the game. Following the game, the Knights stand at 2-0 while the Kahoks hold the reverse record.

Next week, the Triad Knights will travel to Mt. Vernon to face their Rams. The Rams are currently 0-2. Players to watch for them are Hunter Simmons(Quarterback) and Evan Leake(Wide Receiver)

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