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Old Troy Road Project Work Depends On Utility, Weather

By Charles Feldman, Reporter

The next phase of the Old Troy Road project depends on obtaining permission to move one company’s utility poles that do not yet have easements – and the weather.

Brian Kulick of Juneau Associates gave an update on the Old Troy Road Project at the Tuesday, November 12 Glen Carbon Village Board meeting.

“As many of you noticed, the T part of construction from Glen Crossing and down to Bouse are open,” he said. “I think it was the night before Halloween. And it’s striped.

“The work remaining on that section is to finish up earthwork and then seeding,” he said. “And then we hit, obviously, a cold snap here this week so we’re going to wait and see how the weather does and then move to the south leg.

“Depending on the weather, we’ll give you guys an update next month on exactly where we’re at,” he said, “ and what we need to finish.”

The contract date for work to begin on easements on the south leg is January 1, 2020. Utilities still need to be relocated. Village Administrator Jamie Bowden was confident that it could be done before deadline without requesting an extension.

“The trouble is with the relocation of Charter,” he said at the meeting. “There are two poles on the south end that they can’t get easements for but I think they’re considering doing some boring.”

Bowden said an individual on the south end requested an easement from each individual utility rather than just a general easement for all the utilities. He hasn’t signed the document from Charter, so the company is trying to look at different options, he said.

“So I’m hoping in the next week or so they can make that decision and can proceed with the relocation of those. Once that’s done, I think the contractor will be able to get in and start removing the road and stuff.”

He said in the interim, while no work is being done since the road opened up, a transition has been put in to the south leg so people can get in and out so there’s access each way.

“I think that was a good idea,” he said. “People from Fairfield and from Troy can go either way. It’s kind of blocked off because we’re trying to make local traffic use it but it’s open at this point. Once we get the utilities relocated we’ll come back at the December 10 meeting to see where we’re at, to see if we can get them to get out there and start building the last phase.

“At that point, once we get a timetable, we will work with Father McGivney at this point about their access to their property when that’s being done.”

Kulick said work on the sidewalk on Bouse Road will be started shortly, one of things that still needs to be done, will begin “once weather breaks.”

Bowden said that intersections in Fairfield will be redone with wider sidewalks and crossings so coming out of the subdivision there’ll be wider sidewalks at that crossing to get across Bouse Road.

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