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Marine Considers Adding $11/Month Sewer Fee

By Ellen Proctor, Reporter

Chairman of the Marine Water and Sewer committee Darren Apken made a motion to amend the village ordinance to include a sewer-only charge. The motion carried with all in favor.

“Due to a parcel being divided, we’re going to need to set up fees,” Mayor John Molitor said.

The board discussed a possible flat fee of $11 per month to cover service and administration costs.

“If we have to correct it in the future, we will,” the mayor said.

The amendment will come before the board for a vote at the next village board meeting.

The mayor told the board that he had gotten the numbers for the state bid for new truck pricing.

For a 2020 Ford 350 equipped with snowplow, utility bed and single rear wheels the price would be $50,429. The mayor said that the cost of lights would still need to be figured into the final pricing.

Trustee Brent Frey, who is with the Illinois State Police, told the board that the state police use the federal pricing bids and are not limited to one brand of vehicle. He said that he would look into it further.

Village resident Lynn Scherer told the mayor that the Heartland Conservancy had recently been helpful in advising him on eradication techniques for invasive  honeysuckle.

“This is the perfect time to do it, when everything’s not green,” Parks committee chairman Mark Voigt said.

The board voted in favor of spending the annual $100 fee to continue Marine’s Heartland Conservancy membership.

The mayor told the board that Pro-Alarm is charging a one-time leased unit fee of $395 that covers the removal of the phone from the water plant. He said that the price of getting rid of the $80 per month fee for the phone would pay for itself in just a few months.

The board also voted in favor of giving the employees the same Christmas bonuses as in the previous year, with full-time employees receiving $100 and part-timers to be given $50. The clerk and collector will qualify for the full-time bonus in accordance with their receipt of full-time benefits.

Village Clerk Amber Kapp brought a project fact sheet for the upcoming lane closures along I-255 which she had received from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to share with the board.

“This will affect a lot of our residents who commute,” Kapp said.

The fact sheet states that construction is expected to begin in early spring of 2020. The work is split into two sections, with the full closure of all lanes of I-255 between I-64 and Collinsville Road to begin in early spring followed by full closure of the southern section, between I-64 and Illinois 15.

The fact sheet also states that using this construction method will save approximately $14 million and “reduces the overall construction time for a project of this size from four years to 10 months.”

More information can be obtained by contacting Tiffany Brase, Studies and Plans Engineer, by calling 618-346-3175 or by emailing

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