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Man From France Runs Through Area On 3,600 Mile Trek To Promote Education

Runner Andre Belibi-Eloumou gives a thumbs up sign outside the Times-Tribune office on his journey across the continental United States. Photo by Steve Rensberry

By Steve Rensberry, Editor

Andre Belibi-Eloumou, 33, of France made his way through the Metro East last week, on Dec 14, on a cross-country run.

The run began on Nov. 1 in Brooklyn, New York City, and is expected to end on March 7, 2020, in Santa Monica, California.

Belibi-Eloumou is a French citizen born to African immigrants and currently lives in Normandy, one of 18 different regions in France.

The main purpose of his run, he said, is to promote education, unity and tolerance. On his website he states that the race is dedicated to his dad and — on the bigger scale —  to human immigration.

A 4,000-mile journey that his father took in the 1970s from from Cameroon to France is one source of his inspiration.

By the time his trip is over, Belibi-Eloumou will have run a total of 3,600 miles.

One sponsor of his journey is the Geneva, Switzerland-based Partner Sports Agency; another is USA for UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency). Listed as a partner is the running shoe manufacturer “On.”

You can follow Andre’s travels online at  Below the headline “Andre Run USA” are the words: “One man, one road, one cause.”

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