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IHSA Passes 10 Out Of 11 Proposals

By Anthony Jones, Reporter

This past Saturday the IHSA announced voting results on 11 proposals. All but one of the proposals passed with a majority. The lone exception was a proposal to lower the number of summer contact days for football from 25 down to 20.

The most impactful vote undoubtedly was on Proposal 15. That proposal’s purpose was to overturn the vote from last year to implement an IHSA controlled districting system for football teams. In that system, the IHSA would determine control football schedules for all schools in the state, starting in 2021.

The vote this year was 374-241-87 in favor of removing districts. This was a large shift from the 324-307-69 vote last year in favor of it. One cause of controversy with the vote last year is that the margin of passing was so small that non-football schools may have been a deciding factor.

There are several factors that could have caused this major shift in opinions. One of the most prominent would be the projections the IHSA sent out to schools since the vote. The system passed last year before any projections of what the districts would look like were released, so seeing a projection may have shifted opinions.

If the district proposal was kept in place, Triad’s projected district was with Civic Memorial, Cahokia, Carbondale, Highland, Marion, Mascoutah, and Waterloo. Collinsville would have competed with Alton, Belleville West, Granite City, Moline, Normal, Pelin, and Quincy. Another local team that had an interesting projection was Edwardsville who would have matched up with Belleville East, Lincoln-Way East, Joliet Central, Joliet West, Lockport, Minooka, and O’Fallon.

Although districts are not set to be implemented, they are still a possibility for the future. There have been multiple years where teams have proposed them, although 2018 was the only year they were successful.

Another proposal approved in the vote was to move the start of the IHSA fall baseball season one week earlier for practices and contests. Proposal 18 was voted in and modifies the team dates limitation in wrestling to a fixed number of dates (25) rather than a combination of dates and tournaments. It also modifies the individual match limitation in wrestling to a set number of matches (45) rather than a combination of dates and tournaments.

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