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One Violent Crime Is One Too Many

By Steve Rensberry, Editor

The murder of Edwardsville attorney and philanthropist Randy Gori this past week brought shock to a lot of residents in the area, not just because the victim was well known and a high-profile name, but because once again it occurred in a residential neighborhood and in a home, a place most of us like to consider a place of refuge, with children present even. It’s hard not to see a parallel with the murder of Edwardsville couple Michael and Lois Ladd in March of 2019. Both victims were stabbed to death, both occurred in a home, both appeared senseless and brutal, and in neither case was there a clear and obvious motive, though in Gori’s case his SUV and some other items were stolen.

In the Ladd’s case, the perpetrator was said to have no connection at all to the couple. It was just a brutal crime of opportunity by a sick and heartless person. I fear the Gori murder may get listed as just more of the same, another senseless, impossible-to-understand crime of opportunity by a deranged and desperate person. As of Monday, investigators were still piecing together the details and looking for a motive.

One such crime in our own back yard is one too many, but two? In the Ladd’s case, the fact that both husband and wife were murdered, leaving no witnesses alive, continues to leave us with questions about what exactly happened to precipitate it as senseless as it seems. Maybe, we hope, with two residents of the Gori home alive to talk about it, we will be given some clue as to why.

Law enforcement in both cases deserves a credit for their speedy response and investigations. At the very least, it prevented others from being harmed by such individuals.

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