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Marine Board Gets Update On Village Hall Remodeling

By Ellen Proctor, Reporter

The Marine Village Board meeting was held at Bradford National Bank on January 8 due to ongoing renovations taking place at the village hall building.

Trustee Steven Barlett reported on the progress of the remodeling and addition. He said that heating and cooling was ideally to be completed within the week, with drywall installation scheduled for January 18.

The board members voted in favor of allowing chiropractor Madilyn Hill to establish an office in her home located on North Verson Street. Hill and her husband, Jason, attended the meeting seeking permission. Mayor John Molitor told Hill that she would need to fill out a business license which is available through the village clerk, Amber Kapp.

Hill has been a chiropractor for five years with an office in Maryville. She has resided in Marine for eighteen years. She said that she hopes to open her practice in Marine in springtime of this year.

Water and Sewer committee chairman Darren Apken reported that the annual inspection of the lift stations has revealed deficiencies that need to be addressed.

“They need to be addressed very soon, too,” the mayor said.

The trustees agreed that supplies to fix seals at the lift stations will need to be ordered and the project will have to move forward as soon as can be arranged.

Clerk Kapp reported that approximately 250 new laws went into effect at the first of the year, with the latest IML (Illinois Municipal League) briefing providing updates. This information is available online at

Bartlett told the board that new legislation requires baby changing stations to be placed in all public restrooms. Clerk Kapp raised the question of whether this would be necessary at the village hall.

“Literally no one uses the restroom there,” Kapp said.

Bartlett said that the law references ‘all public buildings,’ and the clerk, the mayor, and the trustees agreed that a changing station will need to be installed at the village hall as well as placing one in the men’s restroom at the park. The cost for each station is estimated at $200.

The trustees voted in favor of allowing the local 4H club to place a bench in the village park. The bench was made from collecting plastic bottle caps. Trustee Rae Lynne Meyer said that the 4H club would be in charge of maintaining the bench.

Bartlett also reported that a village resident had sent a very nice letter praising Marine Police chief Chris Singleton for going “above and beyond” in his duties. Singleton had paid a special visit to a child who was described as “going through a tough time.”

Another special thank you was issued to Travis Horner, superintendent of the water and sewer and streets department. The mayor told the board that he had to call Horner in to un-stop a sewer line on a Saturday evening.

“Travis was out of town at dinner,” the mayor said. “He was back in town within an hour and finished the job in two hours. We often overlook what Travis has to take care of on weekends and I want to thank him for that.”

Village resident Lynn Scherer, who was recently appointed as a member of the planning commission, requested that decisions regarding the old Ahlmeyer property be run through the commission. Trustee Apken, who also serves as the commission chairman, agreed that this would be desirable. A formal motion was made by trustee Kenneth Moss, seconded by trustee Bartlett and passed with all in favor. Trustee Brent Frey was absent from the meeting. The mayor said that he would coordinate with clerk Kapp to compose a letter regarding this matter.

Treasurer Lesley Frazier reported that one of the certificates of deposit for the village general fund will be coming due on January 25. She said that she would bring current rates from the bank to the next board meeting.

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