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Maryville Board Discusses TIFS, Budget

By Charles Feldman, Reporter

An application for TIF funds to help pay for a project to build a new Dollar General store and a look at the 2019-20 budget were among the topics for discussion when the Maryville Village Board held a caucus meeting on Wednesday, January 8.

At a caucus meeting, items that may be put on the agenda at a regular board meeting are discussed. No action is taken. The public is welcome to attend.

A representative from Edwardsville-based strategic guidance firm Moran Economic Development  made a presentation to the board on behalf of Glenwood Equities, LLC for Tax Increment Finance funds to pay for redeveloping four parcels of land at the intersection of West Division Street and Center Street on Illinois Highway 159 for use as a new Dollar General retail store. Glenwood Equities has built Dollar Generals in Salem, Illinois and Nashville, Tennessee, among other locations.

The estimated total project cost is $1,300,000.

After a lengthy discussion, the board decided to place an inducement resolution on the next meeting’s agenda.

“It basically says we are committed to negotiate eligible TIF expenses,” Short said. “We have to work on a development agreement. That will take a little bit longer.”

Moran also submitted an application for Plan Shop Live, LLC for funds to renovate the former Plaza Cleaners at 2719 North Center Street into a quick-service food shop that would sell pre-made meals and for Barry Wilson Funeral Home for water service upgrades. Neither were put on the agenda because the board is waiting for more information from the food shop and the funeral home application won’t be ready in time.

“Probably by the first of February we’ll have it on the agenda,” Short said.

Approval of the 2019-20 budget was also put on the list for the next board meeting. The village will begin the year $157,188 in the red – that’s the net amount after $8,063,775 in budgeted income is subtracted from $8,220,963 in budgeted expenses – although  the village has operational reserves if needed.

“Our first draft of the budget was over a million dollars,” said Mayor Craig Short. “Our second draft was over seven hundred thousand. We have been able to cut down it to a little more than one hundred and fifty-seven thousand.”

He said they were able to lower the amount by cutting large equipment purchases and a couple of big projects, including one in the water department.

Other items placed on the next meeting’s agenda were:

• replacing a police car laptop.

• an amendment to an ordinance concerning sewer pipe material.

• requests to attend conferences by members of the police and water departments.

• a declaration to make January 26 through February 1 School Choice Week. This annual celebration of opportunity in education raises public awareness of the different K-12 education options available to children and families while also spotlighting the benefits of school choice. It recognizes all options including traditional public schools, public charter schools, public magnet schools, private schools, online academies and homeschooling.      

The board held its next regular meeting on Wednesday, January 15 and will hold its next caucus meeting on Wednesday, January 23 at 6:30 p.m. at Village Hall.

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