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I-255 Shutdown to Begin February 1 From Collinsville Rd to I-64

By Stephanie Malench, Reporter

Illinois Department of Transportation will begin the first leg of its $64 million rehabilitation project of both north and southbound Interstate 255 from Collinsville Rd to Illinois Route 15 on Saturday February 1, 2020 with closure of the portion from Collinsville Rd to Interstate 64.

The project entails rehabilitating and resurfacing approximately seven miles of the interstate, repairing bridges, making safety improvements, and upgrading the drainage systems. The roadway will once again be smooth and safe for motorists and be able to support future investment in the region.

Each section will be closed for approximately 5 months.  Patching has already been completed in the southern section  to extend the ability of that section to handle traffic.

Signed detour routes utilizing I-55/70 will be provided by the department to and from I-64. Local traffic is expected to use alternate ancillary routes to bypass the closure.

IDOT has determined that an interstate closure is the best construction method to use for this particular project because it ensures the safety of both the workers and the motoring public.

An interstate closure eliminates potential conflicts a motorist might have as a result of lane shifts and crossovers.

Most importantly, an interstate closure maximizes the safety environment for the men and women who work on this project.

This construction method also provides significant cost and time savings. By closing this stretch of I-255, IDOT is able to save approximately $14 million.

These cost savings allow the department the ability to use these funds elsewhere within the region on other critical infrastructure projects.

It allows the work/project to be accelerated and compressed into one construction season; it also reduces the overall construction time for a project of this size from 4 years to 10 months.

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