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Marine Vote Paves Way For Circus At Village Park

By Ellen Proctor, Reporter

The Marine Village Board voted in favor of allowing the fire department to host the Culpepper and Merriweather circus at Village Park on April 16. Trustee Steven Bartlett said that the Fireman’s Park site would be unsuitable in the event of rain.

The one-ring circus is held beneath a large tent which is raised on the morning of the show. The tent-raising is open to the public and includes a free tour offering the opportunity to see the animals and learn about their care. The tour also provides information about the daily operations of the circus.The show features a variety of animal acts, and the performance includes acrobats, clowns, trapeze artists and sword balancing in the program. Ticket sales will benefit the Marine fire department. More information including show times, pricing and where to purchase tickets will be forthcoming.

In other business, the board approved the expenditure of $1150 to install cameras at the public works building with a DVR function to review footage if necessary. The board also voted to spend $8964 for pump maintenance, and voted to renew a certificate of deposit for the village general fund for 24 months at 1.61 percent interest.

“We will need to upgrade the whole electronic panel at the south lift station to match the north lift station,” Mayor John Molitor said. “The controls are twenty five years old.”

The board meeting once again took place at the Bradford National Bank on January 22 as renovations to the village hall building continue.

Trustee Bartlett reported that the furnace has been installed at the village hall and said that it is working. He said that vents need to be installed before the air conditioning can be completed.

The mayor drew up some options for renovating the board room and presented them for the trustees to review. The board voted in favor of removing a load-bearing wall which will allow for additional closet space with proposed dimensions three feet deep and ten feet wide to accommodate an additional safe.

The mayor also reported that the planning commission members have been invited to the first board meeting in February to review the old Ahlmeyer property.

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