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St. Jacob Village Police Denied Township Contract

Police committee Chairman George Gavlick and Police Chief Gary Kukla announced that the St. Jacob Township Board announced it would not fund the St. Jacob Police Department’s offer to provide additional support to the Sheriff’s Department for calls outside the city limits at the regular St. Jacob Village Board meeting on February 20.

Kukla read the following statement to the police department with the village board. “The St. Jacob Township Board has declined our offer to provide extra police patrol and response to calls for service within the Township, supplementing the Sheriff’s Department coverage. Therefore, Officers of this department should not respond to calls for service outside the Village limits, unless requested to do so by the Madison County Sheriff’s Department Dispatch or in response to a Deputy’s call for emergency assistance. Officers may, however; use discretion when deciding if a timely response to the scene of an emergency call would be in the public’s best interest”.

Residents who wish to speak up about the Township’s decision are asked to voice their concerns at the next St. Jacob Township Board Meeting on March 9 at 10048 Ellis Rd. The Village does not plan to make anymore offers.

In other Board news, Chief Kukla announced that the Village did receive a grant from Madison County for $422 to purchase paper for the ticket machine.

Approval was given by the board to send in the 2019 Motor Fuel Tax maintenance expenditure statement to the Illinois Department of Transportation.

A discussion was held on how to deal with the parking and traffic situation on both sides of Douglas by  It’s A Piece of Cake bakery, especially during school drop off hours with school buses.

The water department is still completing flushing of all the water lines belonging to the city and township due to high chlorine levels.

The next meeting will take place on March 4th at 6:30pm at Village Hall.

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