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Madison County Releases Primary Election Results

Despite COVID-19 fears approximately 22% of 178,321 registered voters casted their ballot in Madison County, which local government officials stated that those numbers are consistent with past primary elections. In total there were 25,965 Democratic ballots casted (63.82%) and 14,583 Republican ballots casted (35.85%).


In the presidential primary Joe Biden led the way with 15,587 votes (60.84%) with Bernie Sanders in second with 8,583 votes (33.50%).

In the 12th Congressional District Raymond C. Lenzi defeated Joel Funk with 51.11% of the vote to 48.89%.

In the 13th Congressional District Betsey Dirksen Londrigan commanded 71.40% of the vote compared to 28.60% for Stefanie Smith.

In the 15th Congressional District Erika C. Weaver let the way with 54.47% of the vote followed by Levin Gaither at 21.28%, Craig Morton with 17.06% and John W. Hursey Jr. with 7.9%.

In County Board District 17 Gary Niebur (71.14%) defeated Victor Valentine Jr. (28.86%).

In County Board District 19 Dina Burch (58.5%) defeated Tammy Davis (41.15%).


Village of Glen Carbon Proposition to Issue $7.400,000 General Obligation Street Fund Improvement Bonds

Yes- 69.74%

No- 30.26%

City of Highland Advisory Question: Should the City of Highland Licsense and Permit a Cannabis Dispensary to Operate Within the Corporate Boundaries of the City of Highland

Yes- 40.38%

No- 59.62%


In the presidential primary Donald Trump received 14,070 votes at a total of 97.86 %.

In the US Senatorial race Peggy Hubbard led the way with 32.92% of the vote, followed by Mark C. Curran Jr. with 32.79%, Robert marshall at 15.91%, Tom Tarter at 13.55% and Casey Chlebek with 4.3%.

In the 15th Congressional District Mary Miller led the way with 59.64% of the vote, followed by Darren E. Duncan at 20.88%, Kerry A. Wolff at 12.28% and Chuck Ellington at 7.19%.

In the 95th Representative District Avery Bourne (84.13%) defeated Lawrence J. Oliver (15.87%).

In County Board District 3 William S. Meyer (64.03%) defeated Phillip W. Chapman (35.97%).

In the Supreme Court 5th District Judicial race David K. Overstreet (54.71%) defeated John B Barberis Jr. R 45.29%.

In the Appellate Court 5th District Judicial race Katherine Ruocco (54.31%) defeated Mark M. Boie (45.69%).

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