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Truck Drivers Among Unsung Heros in Crisis

Many businesses have been shut down due to the COVID-19 requirements for social distancing and sheltering in place. Many industries however, have had to pick up additional loads of work, with one of the most important being the over the road trucking (OTR) industry.

Tim and Nicholle Boman, a husband and wife OTR team contracted to Admiral Merchant Turcking, were recently parked outside the newspaper office and took the time to talk to this reporter about their experience during this time, especially with restaurants around the country going to drive through service only.

The Bomans said most of the owner operators they know are hurting more than truckers like them that have a niche business (they haul flatbed loads of goods for power plant repair work and military supplies). The first days were slow they said, as protocols had to be put in place for delivering to bases and other secure sites.

One of the biggest challenges the Bomans say truck drivers are facing is getting stuck with freight because receivers are shut down and the shippers will not pay for the return trip or accept the load back.

For all the negativity and scare tactics in the media right now, the Bomans have seen an outpouring of support for truck drivers on their recent trips around the country. In Troy, Arby’s and Jack in the Box are allowing truckers to come in and take food out to their cabs. Truck stops are required to stay open 24 hours a day for restrooms, showers and facilities. Those that have food are allowing take outs.

The Bomans said their next load was to be out of St. Louis on March 22 for a nonstop to Utah.

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