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Triad Leos Complete First Service Project In Time For Virus Layoffs

By Stephanie Malench

The newly created Leos club at Triad High School completed their first community project right before the schools shut down for the Corona virus. The mission of Leos is to serve to empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs.

The first project fell under the category of meeting humanitarian needs. Under the leadership of sponsor/Spanish teacher Mr. Steve Bay, the group completed a Blessed Bag project.

This project was unique in that most homeless agencies and nonprofits make bags that go directly to the homeless or those at need. Items usually included in these bags are small personal hygiene items, protein based snacks and foods, gloves, hats, small hand warmers, sanitizers, wipes, lotions, and other necessities that are donated. The bags made by the Leos were not donated to a homeless charity for mass distribution but were instead given to individuals in the community.

The thought behind this project was to spread hope and kindness to as many people in the community that may know others who are struggling. The Leos and Lions distributed 210 bags to people who will pass them out to those who are in need.

Now, with the Corona Virus leaving people unemployed, people who are not typically in need are, and the community has blessed bags to give. Bags are still available for those in need or those who want to help hand them out by contacting any St. Jacob Lion.

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