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Animal Shelter Fund Drive To End With Online ‘Pawty’

By Charlie Feldman


Saturday, April 18, is National House Pawty time.

A three-hour party for people and their animal friends will be livecast nationally from 6 to 9 p.m. to celebrate the end of the current drive to raise funds for 92 animal shelters across the country.

Among Metro East area shelters participating are Partners4Pets in Troy, the Belleville Area Humane Society and Madison County Animal Care and Control, which is “paw-tnering with the Metro East Humane Society to raise $450 by Saturday.

“It’s a collective effort of the combined shelters,” said Mady O’Reilly, adoption and enrichment specialists at Partners4Pets. “Because of all these restrictions with COVID-19 we can’t hold the fundraising events we would normally  have. We have to make sure that we keep doing what we do so we can keep saving the lives we’re trying to save. And the house party is what we’re planning to do so we can do that.

“There’s going to be different activities every 15 minutes,” she added. “There might be a few celebrities.”

Partners4Pets began their fund-raising drive on Saturday, April 11 and it will end when the party begins.

“Up until then they’re more than welcome to donate to our Mighty Cause link at,” she said.

“We’ve raised just over $5500 so far and we’re looking to raise $7500 for the shelter,” O’Reilly added. “Our original goal was $5000 and our fund-raising team has actually already beat that so we are aiming for $7500 now.”

The party will be viewable on their Facebook page under the Events tab, as well as on pages by other participants.

Incredibly, the shelter has been busier than ever these days.

“I’ve fostered about 20 dogs,” she said. “Our adoption events through PetSmart and Petco have been canceled locally because of the COVID restrictions. So we’ve been holding curbside adoptions every weekend. We’ve had about 90 adoptions since the shelter-in-place order occurred.

The shelter holds curbside adoptions on Saturdays. Look up Adoptable Pets on its Facebook page and click on a dog or cat and a link takes you to and AdoptAPet where there are other shelter animals as well. If you see a potential pet that’s for you, the shelter will order a transport, done by a volunteer from another animal shelter. Some animals are even sent from shelters in other states like Kentucky where they would otherwise be euthanized.

“Our rescue efforts have not slowed down at all,” she said. “It’s been interesting trying to navigate through all this, but It’s worth it to save as many lives as well do.”

And she will celebrate with other shelters across the country on Saturday night online. Including some in this neck of the woods.

“There’s definitely a lot of Metro East shelter participation on the national scale,” she said, “which is very cool too see.”Donations may be made to Madison County Animal Control at

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