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Employers in Madison County still hiring

EDWARDSVILLE — The pandemic has disrupted many employers, but some companies
across Madison County are still hiring.
“Covid-19 has knocked down some labor markets, but they are not knocked out,” Chairman Kurt
Prenzler said. “Even with a shelter-in-place order in effect, there are still employment
opportunities throughout the region.”
Madison County Employment and Training on Thursday listed more than 40 local and national
companies that are hiring.
Director of Employment and Training Tony Fuhrmann said even with an unprecedented
unemployment rate across the state and uncertainty for job seekers, people can still find work.
“Our region is a transportation hub and as such, many of the businesses in the area that
specialize in transportation, distribution and logistics are considered essential and in need of
workers right now,” Fuhrmann said. “There is also a need for employees in the food and
healthcare industries. We are continuing to reach out to both employers and job seekers to let
them know we’re here to help them connect.”
The list of local and national companies that are hiring can be found on the Madison County
Employment and Training Department’s website.
Sarah Lorio, work-based learning coordinator for the Employment and Training said out of
necessity, many essential businesses have shortened the amount of time it takes to get hired
after completing a job application.
“Any employers needing assistance with recruitment or marketing efforts can contact us and we
will do our best to make the community aware of immediately available positions,” Lorio said.
Businesses or organizations who would like to promote current job openings can contact
Rebecca Marshall at

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