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Local Woman Making A Splash With Salsa

Edwardsville resident Christine Nelson also known as the “Salsa Queen” has been making a name for herself with her business, “Christine’s Salsa”

According to Nelson, this adventure started about a year ago after her signature salsas and taco sauces became a big hit at family gatherings.

“When I started making my salsa everyone really enjoyed it, which inspired me to make more. I started experimenting with different flavors until my family fell in love with my Spicy Taco salsa and encouraged me to get outsider opinions”, Nelson said.

After realizing she could develop a product that people could enjoy, she decided to go public with her salsa about a year ago.

Since then her company has sky rocketed with products in approximately 45 stores across Illinois and Missouri.

“We never imagined it would grow like it has, but we are very humbled that people are enjoying it as much as we do,” Nelson said in reference to what the company has become.

Despite her quick success, Nelson has definitely faced some hardships with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s made it difficult to have hands on advertising, such as face to face interactions,” she said.

Even with the pandemic Nelson continues to grow her business and would love to expand even further. Customer feedback and quality results have fueled her to not give up in pursuing what has been a lifelong dream of hers.

“The positive feedback from so many people gives such a good feeling, and inspires me everyday to keep pushing. This has always been a dream of mine and it’s only possible with the support of everyone loving my product.”

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