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Charging stations installed at Holiday Inn Express

By Kyle Cunningham


On June 15 the Troy City council officially announced the complete installation of two Electric Vehicle Charging stations at the Holiday Inn Express. The project was completed during the rst week of June and saw much success during its few days of inception.

It’s user generated so there were three people in a span of the first four days that actually charged up and checked in on plug share,” Mayor Allen Adomite said.

As of now the stations appear on the charge point app and can be used by anyone free of charge. Adomite did state that the hotel would be leaving it free for a few weeks, but will begin charging non-guests after that period.

Adomite also stated that the advertisement billboard for the charging points have been in- stalled on Interstate 55 South near Livingston. Southwestern Illinois Co-op also paid for sign that was installed on Interstate 70 West near Vandalia.

In other news, the official announcement on an Intergovernmental agreement between the city and the Tri-Township Park District in regards to Trail Construction.

Last month both Mayor Adomite and Tom Cissel attended the May meeting of the Tri- Township Park District board in order to explain the re-routing of the path. The City shall have all policies of insurance purchased or maintained in fulfillment hereof and name the Park as an additional insured thereunder. The Park shall have all policies of insurance purchased or maintained in ful ll- ment hereof and name the City as an additional insured thereunder. Each shall provide Certiifcates of Insurance and Policy Endorsements evidencing the coverages and the additions of the additional insureds. No such policy of insurance shall have a deductible or self-insurance retention amount in excess of $5,000.00 per oc- currence. All insurance shall be written on an “occurrence” basis rather than a “claims-made” basis. Failure of either party to demand any certificate, endorsement or other evidence of full compliance with these insurance requirements or the failure of either party to identify a de ciency from evi- dence that is provided shall not be construed as a waiver of either party’s obligation to maintain such insurance. Both parties agree that the obligation to provide the insurance required by this Agreement is solely their respective responsibil- ity and that this is a requirement which cannot be waived by any conduct, action, inaction or omission by either party.

The board announced that they have granted permission for the police department to promote one of their officers to sergeant. Following that announcement, Troy Police Chief Brad Parsons brie y spoke about the protest held at the municipal building on June 7.

“The protesters exercised their legal rights and protested. They stayed out of the lane of traf c and cleaned up after. They did a really good job and I think they accomplished what they wanted to accomplish there,” Parsons said.

City engineer Tom Cissel provided an update on several projects. The CA Henning Solar Panel Field/Creekside Drainage site now has a detention pond which was put in by the school district. The city will now be in- stalling detention and structures. In regards to the trail project. Kissel stated he would provide a more extensive update on July 8 and plans to submit a $300,000 MERPD grant on August 12.

Action taken by the board included:

Adopted Ordinance 2020-15- Amendments to Certain Sections of the Code of Ordinances Pertain- ing to the Establishment of New Residential Zoning Class- R-1E Single-Family Residential

Approved Resolution 2020- 10- Approval of Prelim binary Plat for Shadow Wood Phase 3.

Approved Resolution 2020-11 Authorization of a Service Agreement with the lowest Responsible Bidder for the Supply of Electricity for Residential and Small Commercial Retail Customers Who Do Not Opt Out.

Adopted Resolution 2020-12 Commitment of Local Funds for Rebuild Illinois Grant (Pasteurization Process)

Adopted Resolution 2020-13 Commitment of Local Funds for Rebuild Illinois Grant (Design Improvement)

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