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Car Safety In Glen Carbon Amid Thefts

From Chief Todd Link –

Over the last few weeks of July, we have received reports of five stolen motor vehicles and multiple car burglaries in the Glenwood Estates, Meridian Hills South, and Meridian Hills North subdivisions. In all the stolen car cases listed above, the unknown suspects simply opened the unsecured vehicle and drove off undeterred, using ignition keys left inside the vehicle. In all the car burglaries listed above, the unknown suspects simply entered an unlocked vehicle and stole all they wanted from inside.
Just as a fire needs oxygen to grow to an inferno, so too does a criminal need opportunity to commit a crime wave. I am pleased our residents enjoy the serene security of our beautiful village, but I implore all of you, as your Chief of Police, please do not volunteer to be a victim of crime.

Instead, I ask that you be vigilant about your personal security and do the following:
• Remove valuables (purses, wallets, cash, laptops, medicines, etc.) from view within vehicles.
• Lock up all unattended vehicles and secure vehicle keys inside residences.
• Secure keyless ignition vehicles inside garages or use steering lock devices on the car.
• Close and secure garage doors overnight.
• Lock and secure all doors and windows to your home.
• Turn off ignitions and take your car keys with you when you make a short stop at a local business.
• Utilize Glen Carbon PD “vacation checks” to monitor your home in your absence.
• Enroll in the Voluntary Camera Registry –
• Watch for suspicious activity in your neighborhoods.
• If you need police, call 288-7226 for Glen Carbon PD dispatch, 24 hours a day.
• Call 911 for any emergency situation.

Your Glen Carbon police officers work diligently for your protection. They spend much time patrolling village subdivisions, but they cannot be everywhere at once. If our residents take proactive measures to eliminate the opportunity for crime in our neighborhoods, this will act as a multiplier for our patrol efforts.

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