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From Triad Knights To Oklahoma State Cowboys, Catching Up With A Pair Of Division I Collegiate Cheerleaders From Local Area

By Anthony Jones

There have been many Division I athletes that have graduated from Triad High School over the years, spanning many different sports. But multiple in the same graduating class is much less common and even less likely to be from the same team. Throw in both of them going to the same university over 480 miles away, and you have history.

But despite the countless variables at play, that exact situation happened in 2018. Tyler Rehg and Drew Herter both graduated from Triad, and decided to continue their cheerleading at Oklahoma State University. The pair are now both in their junior year of their university education.

Now in their third year, the pair now have made countless memories. But there are certain moments that top their list of experiences as Division I cheerleaders.

When asked about his favorite experiences, Rehg said, “In my time here at Oklahoma State University I have had many amazing times and great memories. One of my favorite moments in my career here would have to be winning a NCA (National Cheer Association) National Championship with the 2019 Small coed team. What made that moment so special was not just that we won a National championship, but that our team had worked so hard and came together as a family to win. Another one of my favorite moments would have to be having the amazing opportunity to cheer at a bowl game at NRG stadium, home of the Texans, in Houston Texas. It was an awesome experience to be able to cheer in such a large stadium in front of so many fans.”

Herter gave a similar response and quipped, “One of my favorite moments in my college career is watching our small coed team hit zero at nationals in Daytona Beach Florida which means they had no mistakes at all and they won the national championship. Watching them run into the ocean to celebrate was just an amazing experience and I am forever proud of how hard that team worked. I was on large coed so not small so it was amazing to see my family win. No matter the team you’re on, you’re a family here.”

One major benefit of being in the highest division of collegiate sports are the amazing facilities athletes get to play on. Both former Triad cheerleaders have been to many memorable venues.

“NRG stadium in Houston, Texas for a bowl game in December of 2019, it was so cool to be on an NFL field and cheering on the Oklahoma State Cowboys.” was Herter’s response to his favorite venue he has performed at.

His teammate Rehg responded that, “The coolest venue I have performed in has to be the Bandshell in Daytona Beach. That is where NCA Nationals are held every year. My favorite venues though would have to be Boone Pickens Stadium and Gallagher-Iba Arena, the homes of Cowboy football and basketball. In my eyes, nothing could ever beat the atmosphere and energy of a sold out crowd in both of those venues.”

When thinking of the incredible story of the duo of former Knights, how the two both ended up at the same university certainly is an interesting factor. The pair have similar, but unique responses to why they chose Oklahoma State and what they have appreciated most about it so far.

Tyler’s reasoning was that, “I originally chose Oklahoma State because I fell in love with the campuses and community of Stillwater. From my first visit here, OSU just felt like home to me and I knew I had to come here. In my few years here at Oklahoma State what I have enjoyed most is being able to further my education at a school I love and being able to meet so many amazing people.”

On the other side, Drew stated that, “The reason I chose Oklahoma State was for the cheer team actually, we are in the top three nationally every year for our competitive routines and I feel in love with cheer at Triad High School. Found out I was really good at tumbling and learned quickly that this is something I could do in college. So I toured a bunch of different schools and had a lot of schools show interest in me (Lindenwood St Charles, University of Louisville, Mississippi State, Iowa Central, McKendree, Indiana, Oklahoma State, and several other big universities) but OSU just felt like home when I got onto campus. I loved the brick architecture of our classroom buildings and the team really made me feel at home when I went to clinics. They really cared about my progression as an athlete and taught me skills I might not have gotten other places. The only downside to OSU is that they do not offer cheer scholarships and out of state is kinda expensive. I found that they have an Army ROTC program that offers in-state tuition to guys that enroll, so I took military science classes for two years to save me some money and I learned very valuable leadership skills that I have been able to apply to the cheer team and will forever be grateful my time in the ROTC program. And also they just built a brand new state of the art business school so I wanted to be in the fancy new place.”

Outside of cheerleading, Rehg is studying Applied Exercise Science with a focus in strength and conditioning. His plan after graduation is to go to physical therapy school and become a physical therapist.

The St.Jacob native also stated that, “I would like to thank all of my friends and family who have supported me along the way. I want to especially say thank you to my mom, Stephanie, and my dad, Todd, for always being there for me and helping me out whenever I need it. Without them, it would have been really hard to make this dream come true.”

Herter is double majoring in marketing and management with hopes to pursue a career in athletic marketing for a university and currently works in a sales position at a State Farm agency in Stillwater.

The third year student at Oklahoma State says, “I owe all my success to my family for pushing me to be the  hardworking and driven man I am today.”

His family includes Jason, Melissa and Grant Herter, Robert, Cathy, Brandon and Cameron Hartmann, Dennis and Carolyn Meier, and Doug, Dawn and Jadon Elliott.

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