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Republicans Win Most Races In Madison County

All of the ballots have been counted for Madison County and most of Illinois for the November 3 general election.

The proposed constitutional amendment that was billed as a “Fair Tax” by revoking the portion of the Revenue Article  of the Illinois Constitution that  is referred to as a “Flat Tax” requiring all income taxes be at the same rate failed with 55% of Illinois voters voting “No”. The amendment would not have would not have changed the tax rate, but would have authorized  the state legislature to increase the tax rate on those with a higher income.

Voters voted ”Yes” on the county-wide binding referendum setting the maximum tax rate for general county purposes at .18 percent instead of the current .20 percent. as well as the advisory question about asking members of the Illinois General Assembly to change state law to stop automatic annual salary increases for legislators.

Voters also voted “No” an advisory question pertaining to retired Madison County employees  and officials drawing a pension being permitted to also draw a salary for service in another position as an employee, official or independent contractor for the County.

United States Senator Dick Durbin won re-election to Mark Curran, Jr. (R).

The 15th Congressional District seat held by John Shimkus (r) the past 24 years was won by Mary Miller (R), 65.94% to 34.94% by Erika Weaver.

United States Congressmen Mike Bost (R- 12th Congressional District), and Rodney Davis (R- 13th Congressional District) won re-election as well as Illinois Representatives Charlie Meier (R-108th General Assembly District), Katie Stuart (D- 112th General Assembly District) and Jay Hoffman (113th General Assembly District).

Madison County Board Chairman Kurt Prenzler won re-election over Democratic opponent Bob Daiber 53.09% to 46.91%.  Prenzler issued the following statement after the results were in: “It was a good night for the citizens of Madison County. I want to thank the taxpayers for their vote of confidence in what we have done by reducing property taxes and increasing employee accountability. The voters overwhelmingly approved our tax cut referendum. And the voters increased the Republican majority on the county board from 15-14 to 18-11, a pick up of 3 seats.

In his concession statement, Daiber said “The Daiber for Chairman campaign put forth a tremendous effort and fell short of victory because of factors beyond our control.  Southern Illinois has become more and more red and the great effort volunteers and supports gave just could not overcome the odds.  Challenging an incumbent is always difficult too.  I wish the Prenzler administration a better next four years.”

Board members Michael Holiday, Sr (D) and Victor Valentine (D) were unopposed and retained their seats. District 3 Board member William Meyer (R), District 18 board member Jack Minner, District 26 Board member Erica Harriss, and District 28 board member Heather Mueller-Jones also all won re-election.

In the 2nd District, Stacey Pace (R) won over DeAnn Rizzi for the seat currently held by Don Moore (R). Bobby Ross defeated Kelly Simpson in the 4th District, filling the vacancy left when David Michael (R) ran for and won the County Auditor seat.

In the 29th District Ryan Kneedler (R) defeated Jim Trucano for the seat held by the late Larry Trucano who was not running for re-election.

The only County elected official up for re-election that ran was Steve Nonn (D) for Coroner.

All of the winners that follow ran on the Republican ticket: Tom McRae, Circuit Clerk; Tom Haine, State’s Attorney; David Michael, Auditor.

Republican David Overstreet won the vacancy on the Supreme Court 5th Judicial District vacated by Lloyd Karmeier, Mark Boie (R) won the race for judge of the appellate court in the 5th district. vacated by A. A. Matoesian, Steve Stobbs (R) won the race for judge of the circuit court in the third judicial circuit, and Amy Maher (R) won the race for judge of the third judicial circuit in Madison County vacated by David Hylla.

At press time, Democratic Presidnetial Candidate Joe BIden was leading President Donald Trump with 264 electoral votes and 50.4% of the popular vote. Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alaska have not reported results yet.

The winner needs to get 270 electoral votes.

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