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Troy Hears 2020 Census Closure Report

By Charlie Feldman

The Troy City Council took care of business quickly before going into a 20-minute closed session at its Monday, November meeting.

Mayor Allen Adomite announced that the 2020 census collection period is complete. Troy had an 83.3 percent response rate, adding up to a population total that nobody yet knows.

“What number it actually ends up being I’m not sure,” said Heather Klueter, administrative clerk, “but I do know that last year their estimate was 10,375.” She said the city was hoping to be above that number for the year 2020.

“ I don’t know exactly what that percentage means in terms of what they do but we were definitely at a high percentage and one of the highest in Madison County,” said Mayor Allen Adomite. “So if we were somehow low because of a count that was not as robust because they couldn’t put as many people on the streets as they wanted to, there are some communities that are going to be even less robust.”

“It doesn’t mean anything yet,” Klueter said about the numbers so far. “You would think that there would have to be a base number to get that 83 percent.”

The council took action on the following items:

• Authorizing the city administrator to execute an engineering agreement for a Clearwell Spray Aeration System for the water treatment plant with Gonzales Companies, LLC. “After they do this, they will have some bidding documents that we’ll approve,” Adomite said.

• Approving the lowest bid for the purchase of a 6.4-cubic-yard hydraulic SS spreader with Kranz Body lLC for $15,219.

• Declared a 2007 Chevrolet 1500 Cargo Van, a 2007 Ford Ranger and a 2004 Flink Spreader to be surplus property to be auctioned online. The bids will be approved by the council at a later date once they come in.

The next city council meeting will be held on Monday, November 16 at 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building.

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