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Collinsville District #10 Elementary School Students To Begin 4 Days In Person

By Stephanie Malench

The Collinsville School District school board held a special meeting on November 5 to update the district’s Return to Learn Plan in preparation for the pre-K through 4th grade students to return to school Tuesday through Friday beginning November 16.

The meeting began with public comment which included an email with a petition containing 50 signatures from families of CHS basketball players in support of playing basketball at the high school level this winter. The letter stated that the students have been playing in tournaments all around the country with no cases of COVID-19.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brad Skertich announced the decision to return the elementary school students to four days a week was based on recent surveys showing that 75% of families would prefer K-6 students attend four days a week and 70% of staff in grades K-4.

As of October 30, only 1.6% of staff were categorized as close contacts, symptomatic, or positive and 3.2% of students. The Madison County Health Department has not linked the spread of COVID-19 to Unit 10 attendance at school.

Additionally, academic performance is suffering, with between 20% and 47% of students in grades K-6 requiring interventions or urgent interventions based on Fall STAR Math and Reading Benchmark Assessments.

Metrics are being finalized on when and how a return to a hybrid setting will be conducted if a particular building or the district needs to switch due to a COVID-19 breakout.

Also on the agenda was an amendment allowing First Student to deliver meals in lieu of students. Because the bus company has not responded the amendment was tabled.

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