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A Comparison Of Taxes Paid In Local Communities

Stephanie Malench

During the Collinsville City Council discussion at the December 1 meeting, Deputy City Manager Derek Jackson gave an overview of how Collinsville residents fair on paying taxes compared to other communities in the Metro East.

Residents in the city limits of Collinsville in Madison County pay the lowest amount in both county and city property taxes, paying 7.0356% to the county and .7186% to the city. The residents of the City of Collinsville that live in St. Clair County pay 7.6103% to the county and .7423% to the city.

They also pay the lowest amount behind Fairview Heights for trash pickup ($14.45/$10.97 seniors per month).

Collinsville has the same general sales tax rate as the rest of Madison County (6.85%) and St. Clair County (7.35%), but has an additional 1% business district sales tax, 1.25% home rule tax, and 3% cannabis tax.

All of Collinsville has a 4.00% utility tax, along with Maryville. Glen Carbon, Granite City, and Highland do not impose a tax on utilities. Alton, Belleville, O’Fallon, Wood River and as of January 2021 Fairview Heights each charge a 5% utility tax. Troy charges a 3% tax and Edwardsville a 3.5% tax.

Collinsville City water rates in both Madison and St. Clair counties are $5.33 inside the city limits and $7.99 outside the city limits. Belleville does not charge in the city limits. Edwardsville city residents pay $5.19 and $6.29 outside the city. Maryville charges $5.25 inside the city and $8.30 outside. Troy city residents pay $6.95 per 1,000 gallons a month and unincorporated Troy addresses are charged $11.58 for the same amount. The lowest rate in the area is Wood River ($4.93) and the highest is Highland ($9.55 in the city limits and $16.75 outside).

Sewer rates for all of Collinsville are $7.24 per 1,000 gallons. Troy charges $5.26 in city and $9.23 out of city. Glen Carbon’s rate is $8 per 1,000 and Maryville is $6.10. The Highland city rate is $9.60 and $13.40 out of city.

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