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Haine: “Political Violence Destroys The Rule Of Law”

 This week’s attack on the Capitol was abominable. Its perpetrators caused death and destruction in one of our Republic’s sacred institutions. They must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, as they would be by my office had these kinds of crimes occurred in Madison County. Locally, it is my duty as State’s Attorney to protect our court system, government, and community from any similar threats of violent intimidation. Political violence destroys the rule of law.
January 6 will be remembered as a very dark day in American history. The violent disruption of those performing their Constitutional duties, in this case counting the Electoral College votes, must never happen again. The basic Constitutional operation of our Government must never face intimidation by brute force, let alone violence motivated in any way by the words of the Chief Executive. In the wake of such a painful week and year for our Republic, I echo the call of my Republican Party Chairman Ray Wesley: “Political leaders should work together to restore faith in our electoral process while agreeing that violence and destruction are never the answer.”


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