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How Well Do You Know Collinsville Athletic History?

By Mark Jurgena

This week we have decided to challenge your knowledge of Kahoks trivia. We have compiled 15 questions for you to answer.

Our first five questions are from the book, The Wonderful World of Collinsville Basketball: 1908-1976. Written by Frank R. Pitol. (By the way special thanks to Bill Jokerst for access to the book!)

Question 1: The 1960-61 Kahoks basketball squad went 32-0, won the state title, and were named National Champs. Collinsville had two future Big Ten athletes on that squad. What were their names and what schools did they attend?

Question 2: Ray’Sean Taylor scored 53 points against St. Louis (Trinity) in the title game of the Belleville East Tourney on January 25, 2020. Whose record did he beat? What was the record for points in a game? What team did he score them against?

Question 3: The Kahoks went 34-1 in 1956-57. They lost in the state title game. What school beat them in that title game and what was the name of the All-American who played for Collinsville that year?

Question 4: During the 1964-65 season Collinsville won their second state title. Back then the Super-Sectional was considered as qualifying for the state tournament. Can you name the four schools they beat at state on their way to the title? Bonus points if you can name those opponents in order.

Question 5: Good Luck! During the 1913-14 season, the Kahoks went 20-2. They won their first 18 games in a row before dropping their final regular-season game to which team? If you really know your stuff, who was the only other loss to?

The next five questions are from the IHSA website.

Question 6: In 2019-20, this Kahok wrestler set the career victories mark at CHS (156) and tied the CHS record for most wins in a season (47). Who is this person?

Question 7: The Kahoks girls bowling team won the state title during the 2009-2010 school year. The Kahoks also had the individual state champion that year as well. What was her name? What was her average for the two-day state tournament?

Question 8: Collinsville’s girls soccer team finished second in Class 3A in 2015-16. They fell to Winnetka (New Trier) in the championship. Who did they beat in the semifinal game? Who scored the game-winning goal to send them to the title game?

Question 9: The boys soccer team at Collinsville won their first of four state titles during the 1981-82 campaign. Can you name one of the three teams they beat at the state tournament? Again, bonus points if you can name all three of them.

Question 10: Collinsville has won two state titles in baseball. Can you name both years? Can you name both coaches?

Hope you’re doing well so far or at least consulting my sources for the answers. For the final five questions, I consulted Google, Twitter, Instagram, and well…any source I could find!

Question 11: Three individuals in some way associated with Collinsville basketball have made the IBCA Hall of Fame in the last two years. Can you name them?

Question 12: During the 1979-80 season the Kahok girls volleyball team went to the state tournament finishing in 4th place. Which team member was named to the IHSA State Final all-tourney team?

Question 13: In 2019, the Kahok boys basketball team finally vanquished their Prairie Farms Holiday Classic nemesis. They beat them in the semifinals after losing to this school two seasons in a row in the finals. What is the name of that school? Oh and by the way, who did the Kahoks beat for the 2019 PFHC title?

Question 14: Collinsville’s girls basketball team scored a major upset at Fletcher Gym in 2015 to end an 89-game winning streak. Who did the Kahoks beat? Who hit the game-winning layup?

Question 15: Who were the first two Collinsville athletes to win IHSA individual track & field titles? They won the same event, what was that event? Name what professional sports they played.

Bonus question: Collinsville football last made the playoffs in 2010. Who was their coach and who did they play in their only playoff game that year?

Keep your copy of this week’s Times-Tribune or cut out these questions and put them on the fridge!  You have one week to find the answers. Those answers will be in next week’s edition of the Times-Tribune.

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