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Mine Subsidence Problems Slowing Down, Says Short

Mine subsidence is slowing down, Mayor Craig Short told the Maryville Village Board when it met on Wednesday, January 20.

Due to COVID-19-related concerns, the meeting was held on Zoom.

Village Hall, the police station and the surrounding area have had sinking problems for several years due to a subsiding mine underneath them.

“I saw them doing the surveying in October out here and inquired about our report this year,” Short said. “And also about our report from last year that they never did send to us.

“I did get last year’s report,” he continued. “Just to let you know, the previous year I believe the buildings had moved about an inch and a half. We’re still moving. That was in the indication they gave me in this upcoming report but it has greatly slowed down.

“In 2019, in the report that would have been issued in January 2020, we have slowed down to just over a quarter of an inch. It is slowing down. Once we get to the point where the buildings quit moving, then they will start doing more frequent measurements rather than just an annual measurement. So I did want to update the board that we still have that claim out pending and hopefully when the buildings are finally going to quit moving we will have to work on some sort of remediation over the next couple of years.”

In other developments,  village comptroller Marvin Brussatti’s retirement date has been set for February 19. “It’s been great,” he wrote in an e-mail to Mayor Craig Short and the village trustees announcing the day. “Please call me with any questions.”

The board also approved the replacement of the electric filters on two low-service pumps at the water treatment plant from Alert Electric at a cost of $2,040. This was the lowest of three bids.

The next village board meeting will be held on February 3, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.

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