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Tom Haine Proposes Board Resolution Urging Veto of HB 3653

On February 10, State’s Attorney Tom Haine proposed a County Board Resolution which, if adopted, would voice opposition to HB 3653 and call on the Governor to veto it. “With this resolution, the County and other officials can speak with a united voice to this critical issue, urging the Governor should veto this bill and work with all stakeholders to come up with workable reform that doesn’t make our streets less safe,” Haine said. “I hope the Governor listens to our legitimate concerns.” SA Haine will present the resolution, which his office has reviewed and vetted, before the Government Relations Committee on Feb. 16, and if passed, it will move on to the full County Board for a vote on Feb. 17.

Chris Guy, the Chairman of the Government Relations Committee, has already registered his support. “I support Haine’s Resolution, and appreciate his dedication to preserving public safety in our county,” Guy said. “This resolution is a helpful summary of HB 3653’s many flaws. We must support our local law enforcement and urge the Governor to please veto this bill.”

Madison County Board Chairman Kurt Prenzler also supports the resolution. “Last week’s shooting of a Metrolink security guard, and other recent acts of violence in Madison County, reinforce the need for strong law enforcement in our community,” Prenzler said. “Now is not the time for hastily conceived changes to our criminal justice system that undermine police and prosecutors.”

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  1. Anonymous on February 18, 2021 at 3:25 pm

    Thank you SA Haine!

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