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Highland City Council Approves New Outdoor Pool Rates

By Stephanie Malench

The Highland City Council held its March 1 meeting live at City Hall for the first time this year.

During staff reports, a representative from the Highland Light and Power said that residents should expect their power bill to be about $10-$20 higher when they are mailed out next week due to the cold snap.

The city had to purchase some energy to meet demand and run the generators. At the peak, prices were between $200 and $400 per kilowatt hour, instead of the mid $70s.

The first motion of the evening was to appoint Benton Eberwein to the Cemetery Board of Managers filling the vacancy left by the resignation of Rinderer. His term will expire on March 1, 2022.

An ordinance was passed in accordance with 65 ILCS 5/11-13-19 requiring the changes to the city’s zoning map over the past year be published by March 31. Nine ordinances were passed since April 1, 2020, including three annexations, two of which lead to rezoning ordinances from single family residential to industrial.

The other ordinance passed created a new fee schedule for the outdoor pool. This is the first time since 2009 the rates have been raised. Some of the new fees are listed below.

The new daily rates for youth residents ages 3-17 is $3 and $4 for non resident youth, $4 for residents and non-residents between 18 and 59 and $2 for residents and non-residents 60 and older.

The group rates for groups of 20 or more during regular pool hours will be $0.50 off the daily admission rate with the right to re-entry all day. The entire group must present at the same time.

Season pass rates for youth residents is $55 and nonresident youth $80. Adult residents will pay $75 for a senior pass and non-resident adults $95. Resident seniors will pay $37.5 and non-resident seniors $47.50. Korte Recreation Center members who have a valid annual membership through Labor Day receive a 20% discount.

Family passes for residents will be $105 and non-residents will pay $140. Additional family members will be $10 for residents and non-residents.

A resolution was passed approving a retransmission agreement between the City of Highland  and Tegna, Inc, the parent company of KSDK, Channel 5, and Channel 505.

A resolution was passed appropriating $353,020 in motor fuel tax funds for materials used in the road maintenance program beginning May 1, 2021 was approved.

The final resolution approved for the evening authorized the use of $10,000 from hotel/motel tax funding for the 2021 Fourth of July Fireworks display. Mayor Joe Michaelis asked how the display would be put on this year citing concerns that COVID-19 will not be gone by July. Parks and Recreation Director Mark Rosen said the format would probably be similar to last year’s.

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