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Collinsville Township Confusion In Determining Pro-Tem Supervisor

By Stephanie Malench

The Collinsville Township Board of Trustees was still meeting virtually for its meeting on March 9. Supervisor Dan Hopkins was hospitalized and unable to attend the meeting, so the board had to vote on a supervisor pro-tem for the evening.

After Clerk Cathy Allison called the meeting to order, Trustee Karen Stack nominated trustee Rob Milam to fill the position. The only person that would second the nomination was Milam himself.

Trustee Derrick Cox asked Township Attorney Justin Mattea if a trustee could second a motion pertaining to him or herself.

Mattea said he did not know and would have to look it up. No one else was willing to second the motion and Trustee Ashley Stewart nominated Cox since he and Hopkins were the only ones running for supervisor. Stack reluctantly seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Three motions were approved authorizing funds balances in the various township funds as necessitated by GASB54.

These funds can only be used for the items they are committed to. In the township fund, $100,00 were committed for the General Assistance Fund, $67,000 for the senior center, and $200,000 for the capital fund.

In the road and bridge fund, $1,250,000 was allocated for the Lebanon Rd bridge over the CSX train tracks, $40,000 for the roundabout at Route 162 and Keebler Rd., and $282,965 for the Troy Rd. project.

The road and bridge equipment and building fund committed $5000,000 to the new car wash building.

The final resolution approved allows Hopkins to apply for park commission funds from Madison County. The resolution did not say what they will apply to spend the money on or how much they will ask for.

Under new business, Road and Bridge Secretary Kathy Trucano-Hoelscher provided the board with the Stormwater report from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. The report is required as part of membership in the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems committee. The report is supposed to be on the township website but is not at this time.

In response to Cox’s no vote allocating the $500,000 for the car wash, Trucano-Hoelscher said the department was cited by the ILCTA for not having a proper facility to wash salt off of the trucks.

During Assessor’s comments, Peter Poletti reported that the staff is currently completing homestead exemptions and is getting ready to complete the newly state mandated quadrennial photos of the front and back of every structure in the Township.

The next meeting will be the lame duck meeting on April 13 after the Annual Town meeting.

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