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Waste Not, Want Not – Troy Toilets Source Of Sewer Woes

By Charlie Feldman

Like cholesterol blocking the arteries, something that isn’t toilet paper keeps blocking Troy’s sewer pipes.

Despite multiple notifications from the city to stop, some residents can’t seem to remember not to flush cleaning wipes and rags and other things with the human waste-related items.

According to the latest flier, a recent sewer backup found many disposable wipes and rags in the sewer main. Wipes – even ones that claim to be flushable – do not break down like toilet paper does so they get lodged in the sewer main causing backups, the flyer said.

“We’ve had to increase some sewer cleanings in areas where we’ve had problems,” said Public Works Director Rob Hancock.

Other items to keep out of the toilet, the flyer said, include disposable diapers, tampons and tampon applicators, sanitary napkins, mini or maxi pads, condoms, facial tissue, cotton balls and swabs, bandages and bandage wrappings, any kind of wipes including cleaning, baby and flushable, automotive fluids, paints, solvents, sealants and thinners, poisons and hazardous waste, fats, oil and grease and unused medications. The medication can be disposed of safely at the drug collection unit in the lobby of City Hall at 116 East Market Street.

The department also wants residents to use their garbage disposals less.

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