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Many Winners Unopposed In County’s Primary Election

By Charlie Feldman

Craig Short ran unopposed for mayor in Maryville and retained his seat.

Turnout was light at the polls for the spring primary election this year.

Many other candidates ran unopposed.

The city of Troy already knew that Dave Nonn would be the new mayor, replacing the retiring Allen Adomite. He was the only candidate in that race. So was Kim Thomas, running for city clerk. All but one on the board of aldermen ran unopposed for their current seats. Timothy E. Flint, with 88 votes, beat candidates James Decarli (34) and Charles Lawrenz (32) and has become the new representative of Ward 3.

Katherine Scheller is a trustee for the Tri-Township Library District.

Results were expected by Friday, April 9 for the write-in candidacies of Cheryl Flint and Kelly Huelsmann for the city treasurer position.

Unopposed were library trustee candidates Tami Schaibly and Jessica Yakstis (four-year terms) and Sharon Frey (two-year term) for Maryville.

Alderman Bob Marcus is the new mayor of Glen Carbon, beating Danny Lawrence 897-581. Kathy Perry-Scaturro is the new village clerk, winning 743 votes. Opponent Christal L. Laswell received 597.

Three trustee seats were open and three candidates ran. Mike Sonderegger will join incumbents Walter Harris and Ben Maliszewski at the village board meetings. Kevin Tellor received 11 more votes than Robert Klingensmith in the Glen Carbon Centennial Library Board race but both filled empty seats. Marcella Starck is the new two-year trustee on the library board.

Here are the other results of local races:

COLLINSVILLE: Councilman: Donna Green.

HIGHLAND: Mayor: Kevin B. Hemann. City Clerk: Barbara Bellm. City Treasurer: Neill Nicoladies.

MARINE: President: Kelly Tracy defeated opponent Mark Voigt 183-133 for the seat. Trustees: Darren Apken, Trent Noeltner, Terry Gergen (four-year terms), Heather Haskins (to fill an unexpired two-year term).

ST. JACOB: President: Richard L. Schiefer defeated Raymond D. Muniz 218-190 to retain his seat. Trustees: Dawn Ross, Jamie Runion, Derek Ashoff (four-year terms). George Gavlick (to fill an unexpired two-year term).


COLLINSVILLE: Supervisor: Derrick Cox. Clerk: James Achenbach. Assessor: Peter Poletti. Highway Commissioner: Kathy Trucano-Hoelscher, Trustees: Brad Sewell, Ashley Christine Stewart, Clint Ball, Matthew Guenther, Jason Rehg, Aaron Wright.

Residents voted “no” 459-212 on the electrical aggregate issue. The proposition would have given  the township the authority to arrange for the supply of electricity for its residential and small commercial retail customers in the unincorporated parts of Collinsville Township not otherwise part of a municipality of Madison County who have not opted out of such program.

HELVETIA: Supervisor: Judy Schmitt. Clerk: Carol Hammer. Assessor: Fred Michael. Highway Commissioner: Chad Zobrist.  Trustees: Wayne P. Steiner, Shawn Hogg, Keith Iberg, Daniel Kapp.

JARVIS: Supervisor: Mary Andrea May. Clerk: Alan J. Dunstan. Assessor: Jessica Dudley. Tax Collector: Tim Obernueffemann. Highway Commissioner: Dale Grapperhaus. Trustees: Monica Hartlein, Nathan Hovatter Jason Helldoerfer, Scott Wiesehan. All candidates were unopposed.

MARINE: Supervisor: Steven N. Bartlett. Clerk: Pamela Voegele. Assessor: Vicky L. Grater. Highway Commissioner: Roger A. Kampwerth Jr. Trustees: Joseph Dietz, Scott Gieseking, Kenneth Reinacher, William Dillow.

PIN OAK: Supervisor: Jay Kohlmiller. Clerk: Kathy Long.  Highway Commissioner: Robert J. Helms. Trustees: Jack Mitchell, Seth Joy, Dennis Mueller, Timohty Tosovsky. There were only four open trustee positions, so every candidate in the township ran unoppposed.

ST. JACOB: Supervisor: Scott A. Rose. Clerk: Diane Frey. Highway Commissioner: Rick L. Seger. Trustee: Thomas L. Caron, Emmette Sowash, Lori Daiber. Community Building Trustee: Steven T. Prange, Scott Seger, Darren Reding.


COLLINSVILLE: Gary A. Peccola, Tim Hasamear, Jerree Bronnbauer.

EDWARDSVILLE: John McDole, Terri Dalla-Riva and Jennifer Brumback. Kristen Pfund will represent the remaining congressional townships on the board.

HIGHLAND: John Renner, Aaron Schuster, Jeffrey Schaible, Zach Lewis.

TRIAD: Lori Daiber, Christopher Wasser, Brittany Evans.

LEWIS AND CLARK COLLEGE: Larry G. Trent, Dwight Wertz.


ST. JACOB: Commissioners: Aaron Mersinger (six-year), Charles Milam (filling unexpired four-year term).

TRI-TOWNSHIP: Commisioners: Stephen Barbour, Terry “Bud” Adelhardt, Kevin Woodring Sr., Robert “Gary” Byrne. For a detailed list of the results see the election results on Madison County’s website at

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