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Troy Council Honors Several For Years Of Service, Raises City’s Sewer Rates

By Charlie Feldman

The Troy City Council said goodbye to several longtime employees and officials and passed an ordinance revising its sewer rates at its Monday, April 19 meeting.

Receiving special recognition and plaques presented by outgoing mayor Allen Adomite were City Clerk Andrea Lambert, City Treasurer David Roady and Ward III Alderman Bonnie Levo. Roady joined the council in 1981 when he replaced Dale Kurtz as treasurer during the first term of Mayor Ron Criley. He stayed for 40 years. Lambert is now an employee of the city, with a newly elected city clerk to take over her old position in May. Levo did not choose to run to retain her seat as an alderman.

The council also accepted the resignation of planning commissioner Bob Johnston.

As he ran his last full meeting as mayor, Adomite stopped often to reminisce or thank someone who made his years of service memorable.

In other developments, Troy residents will see an annual increase in sewer rate fees through 2027 according to an ordinance passed by the council.  An increase in the number of users of municipal services has resulted in an increase in the manpower necessary to meet the demand, the ordinance said.

City fees, service charges and rates have been modified to reflect the increase in the cost of operating and maintaining the municipal structure.

During the current fiscal year, in-city water rates are $13.89 for the first 2000 gallons with a calculated rate per $1,000 of 0.00521 for the next 9,000 gallons and 0.00405 for over 11,000 gallons. Out-of-city water rates are $23.15 for the first 2,000 gallons with 0.0839 for the next 9,000 and 0.0550 for more than 11,000 gallons.  With the rates climbing every year in May, by 2027 they will be $18.61, 0.00698 and 0.00543 for in-city customers and $31.02321, 0.01124 and 0.00737 for out-of-city customers.

Current sewer rates are $10.52 for the first 2,000 gallons and a calculated rate by water usage over 2,000 gallons of 0.00478 for in-city customers.

Out-of-city customers currently pay $18.45 for the first 2,000 gallons with a calculated rate by water usage over 2,000 gallons of 0.00837.

By 2027, rates will be $11.84 and 0.005383 for in-city customers and $20.78021 and 0.009426 for customers out-of-city.

The council voted to extend its agreement with the Field of Honor project another six months because several  COVID-19-related issues kept the work on the statues and other components from being completed or delivered. In May, leftover money from the project was originally supposed to revert back to the city, according to the memorandum of understanding approved by the council last year.

The meeting ended with a final thanks from the mayor to those with whom he served, followed by cake.

The next City Council meeting will be held on Monday, May 3 at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall.

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