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‘It’s Not A Done Deal’ Says Jackstadt About Orchard Center

By Charlie Feldman

Despite what you may have heard or read, the Orchard Town Center TIF/Business District project is not yet a done deal, said outgoing mayor Rob Jackstadt at the Tuesday, April 27 Glen Carbon Village Board meeting.

He talked about the project approval process.

“The goal of this discussion is to make sure Glen Carbon residents understand that despite numerous meetings and news articles discussing Orchard Town Center Project, no final agreement has been made,” Jackstadt said. “That will be up to the next board starting in May and afterward.”

He said that at the September 28, 2020 Building and Development Committee, the committee voted 3-0 to move forward with a “very general site plan.” But the process until the development is open for business is a long one, he said. And it may not even involve creating a TIF district. Edwardsville Crossing and Sam’s were developed without the need for one

“The site plan was covered in the local press,” Jackstadt said. “And during that meeting the trustees on that committee raised several questions, concerns or wishes. The B & D simply okayed that the project could move forward to the next step.”

Next steps included a project funding agreement, hiring Moran Economic Development for a blight analysis and to look into the village’s eligibility for business and TIF districts (it was) and setting the date of June 8 for public hearings on them.

Every step of the way brought a caveat like this: “Entering into this agreement does not mean the village will be committed to developing an incentive agreement. Any further agreement shall be subject to further action by the board,.”

“I think it’s important,” Jackstadt said, “especially perhaps some of the press coverage, it’s like as if this were a done deal. There’s a lot of work ahead and I look forward to see what the new board will do to these.”

The proposed district, a wedge-shaped 54-acre piece of land south of Governors Parkway, includes a number of blight factors such as a subsiding mine, traffic and utility issues and obsolete planning. 

In other action, the board dedicated and renamed the Village Hall Conference Room the Miners Memorial Conference Room. This is to honor the 40 miners who deaths were related to their work to support their families in Glen Carbon’s and other local mines, whether by accident or the lingering effects of black lung disease.  A special plaque has been made.

Jackstadt proposed this to ensure their legacy to local history for further generations. The Village of Glen Carbon Historical and Museum Commission endorsed this action.

The board recognized outgoing mayor Jackstadt, clerk Ross Breckenridge and trustee Mary Beth Williams.

In other action the board approved:

  purchasing a Ford F-150 truck for the Parks Department at a cost of $25,295. This is a budgeted item.

  the bid from Utilitra to install the LPR camera on South Illinois Route 159 in the amount of $13,868.72.

• the bid for a third dispatch station radio console in the amount of $74,052.

The next village board meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 11 at 7 p.m. at Village Hall.

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