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Township Approves Race Sponsorship, Denies Graduate Recognition

By Stephanie Malench

The Collinsville Township met for the last time before the newly elected officials are sworn in. Only three action items were on the agenda and the only one to be approved was to sponsor a mile marker at the Horseradish festival run for $350.

The item authorizing the township to donate old kitchen supplies to Habitat for Humanity was taken off the agenda because items can only be gotten rid of during the annual meeting and the purchase of an ad supporting Collinsville High School graduates in the Times-Tribune was rejected because the money was not going to the students.

During approval of bills, it was revealed that Justin Mattea was no longer the Township Attorney. Nothing else was said on the matter.

There were no Assessor’s comments. During comments from the Road and Bridge Commissioner, Jim Trucanno thanked the board for the honor of allowing him to finish his father’s term. The meeting ended with outgoing supervisor Dan Hopkins thanking Terry “Bones” Allen for his 43 years of service.

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