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Senior Redbirds win Jim Welch Classic Softball Tournament

The week of May 17th,  one 85  and seven 80 year old senior softball teams showed up to play softball in the Jim Welch Classic Softball Players Association Tournament. The  85 team Center for Sight from Florida and 80s Lota softball from Louisana, OK, Texas and Arkansas, Florida Investments, Chicago Geezers, Main Street Pub Indiana, KC Antiques, Scrap Iron, CO and the Senior Redbirds, Troy.

Eight games were played on Monday morning in beautiful Tri Township Park.  Then the rains came and rained out the afternoon and all day Tuesday. 

Six teams went home by Scrap Iron, CO stayed and played the Senior Redbirds Wednesday morning and the Redbirds beat the Scrap Iron two games for the Championship for the 80 year olds. 

Then Wednesday afternoon the 75s began a 4 team round robin with teams from Chicago Gray Sox, the Midwest Express from Omaha, the Indianapolis Classics and the Senior Redbirds 75s.  Chicago Gray Sox  went 1 and 5,  Midwest Express 3 and 3, the Indianapolis Classics 3 and 3 for second place and the Senior Redbirds 4 and 2 for the Championship.   

It was a great success.  The Parks ground crew run by  Jim Smith are just fantastic.

Softball Players Association is based out of Mustang OK. There are approximately 1200 senior teams that participate in tournaments thru out the United States. Men and women’s teams ranging in ages 40 to 85 years of age.  World Championships are held in Columbus OH in August.   The 75 Senior Redbirds won it in 2019. Covid 19 knocked out the 2020 championship.

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