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First Property Tax Installment Due July 8

Today is the due date for the first installment of your real estate tax bill.

I don’t need to tell you that your tax bill is higher – perhaps a lot higher – than it was six years ago.

You also know that your taxes go to various taxing districts, e.g. public schools, community colleges, county government, townships, municipalities, etc.

But you may not know that the portion county government takes has gotten smaller.

Six years ago (tax year 2014, collected in 2015) the tax rate for county government was $.7329 per $100 of assessed valuation.

This year (tax year 2020, collected in 2021) the tax rate for county government is $.5469, 25 percent less than six years ago.

Property taxes are a challenge for many to pay. These taxes are due regardless of a person’s situation.

The purpose of this letter is to let people know that county government has worked hard to reduce the burden it places on taxpayers.

This has been a group effort of the county board and other county elected officials.

Kurt Prenzler

Madison County Board Chair


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