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Madison County Board of Health to Discuss Parent-Choice Mask Resolution Prior To Regular July 21 Meeting

The Madison County Board of Health is set to discuss parent-choice at its Wednesday meeting and if students should wear masks when they return to class this fall.

The Board of Health, which is comprised of the county board’s 29 members, will hold a special meeting at 5 p.m. in the county board room of the Administration Building, 157 N. Main St., Edwardsville, to discuss a resolution “encouraging personal choice relating to masks in schools.”

The resolution states local school districts should allow parents to make the mask choice for their children and that masks can interfere with a child’s education and ability to communicate with teachers and fellow students.

Parents contacted board members seeking guidance on the issue, many of them saying it should be their choice if their child wears a mask or not.

The resolution states “all Boards of Education for school districts containing territory within Madison County are strongly encouraged to allow families the option of whether to have their students wear masks in school buildings and classrooms for the coming school year.”

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  1. Anonymous on July 22, 2021 at 6:49 pm

    Years ago I dropped my oldest son off at school. When I drove up I was shocked to see many mothers protesting because a little boy with AIDS was attending school there. I wasn’t worried because I read enough about AIDS to know that our children posed a bigger threat to him because of his Compromised immune system. I realized that this child wanted and deserved what other kids had. Now in Madison County I see parents protesting because they don’t want their children to be forced to wear a mask.So in reality the children that wear a mask would be protecting the children that didn’t and the children that didn’t would probably infect the ones who did. Your child’s right to not wear a mask does not override another child’s right to not be sick. If your child has not had the vaccine And you don’t want them to have to wear a mask. It’s simple.Keep them home.Those of us that are trying to do the right thing should not have to suffer because if your inability to make good choices. I have a feeling that many of you Will regret that choice.However I don’t want anyone I love to regret your choice. If any child I love dies from Covid because of these uneducated selfish parents I will chose to sue the crap out of everyone that put my child at risk. That includes these stupid selfish parents.

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