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Truck Crashes Into Historic Funeral Home

By Stephanie Malench

A man who fell asleep at the wheel of his pick-up truck heading north on Illinois Route 159 between 3 and 3:30 a.m. on Sunday, August 22, went airborn when he missed the curve at Keebler and crashed through the side entrance of the Kassly-Meridith Funeral Home at 515 Vandalia St. in Collinsville.

Tire tracks can been seen in the grass approaching the entrance.

The side covered entrance is destroyed and the chapel received significant damage but no one was injured except the driver who remains unidentified as the investigation is ongoing.

It remains unclear how the driver got out of his truck.

As of press time, the white Ford truck with Missouri plates was still lodged in the building pending inspection by the funeral home’s insurance company.

John Schemerhorn, the home’s General Director, said the water and gas have been shut off and the entire building is still functional except the front chapel.

The business was recently bought by Jim Meridith and the building had just passed its safety inspection from the City of Collinsville last week, according to Schemerhorn.

Visitations and services will be held at local churches  until repairs are made. The Meridith Funeral Home in Highland is also available for services.

No charges have been filed as of press time.

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  1. Anonymous on August 24, 2021 at 3:23 pm

    Another person who doesn’t get proper rest and gets behind wheel. Lucky to be alive.left scene of the crime doesn’t help it only gets worse. Just like 3 people mind there own business and was in the middle of turn when young 18 passed driver test to run stop sign 3 people lost life person who didn’t obey after passed should get fined.

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