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Collinsville Wins Business Supporter Of The Year Award From County CTE System

By Stephanie Malench

The Collinsville City Council met on August 24 and after presenting the Yard of the Month award to  Walter Delaney at 112 Westmoreland, spent the majority of the meeting listening to a presentation from Even Eleff, a consultant with Sports Facilities Companies about the planning process for renovations of the Jaycee Sports Complex.

Eleff and members of Sports Facilities Companies wee in town to meet with city leaders, local coaches, and other stakeholders for two days in person and tour the existing facilities. A final report will be presented to the city with options on designs in approximately 90 days.

The goal of the meetings is to find out what the development will support. Like other projects the city has begun recently (Great Streets Corridor Plan, Aqua Park renovations, purchasing and operating the Gateway Center), City Manager Mitch Bair said the city needs a business plan to run the expanded sports complex so it is self supporting and not taking funds from other parts of the city’s budget.

Mayor John Miller compared the new sports complex to the Field of Dreams, except instead of “build it and they will come, “we want to build it knowing they are coming”.

A resolution was passed asking IDOT for permission to close part of Main St. on October 7 for the Collinsville High School Homecoming Parade.

During comments from city staff, Bair announced that the city had been awarded the Madison County Career and Technology Education (CTE) System’s CTE Business Supporter of the Year for 2020. The city was in competition with several private businesses and won partially for their work with the Collinsville Area Vocational Center at Collinsville High School.

Police Chief Steve Evans also presented a video of the two police youth academy camps held the last week in July and the first week in August.

Two ordinances were passed to revisit a sewer extension project into Sugar Bend Estates and Deer Creek Subdivisions from Sugar Loaf Rd 15 years ago. The first ordinance authorized Mayor John Miller to sign an intergovernmental grant agreement with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency for Unsewered Communities Planning Grant for $30,000.

The second ordinance authorized Miller to sign a professional services agreement with Oates Associates to conduct the planning study. Oates was selected for work they had previously done in the area and will cost $34,675. The balance of the agreement after the grant will be paid for through the wastewater collections operational budget.

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